Keep Your Lottery Business Secure

Our Investigations Unit is here to help you in matters related to the safety and security of your Lottery business. Implementing effective accounting practices for your Lottery products will also help to reduce your loss, and will expedite any claims you report. The following tips are provided to help you to prevent crime in your store.

Maintain Scratch Ticket Control and Security

Manage your employees.

Maintain a clear management structure. Limit the control of Lottery products to a specific number of individuals, preferably in management positions.

Limit the number of employees who have the authority to activate or settle Scratch packs of tickets.

Consider prohibiting your store employees from purchasing or playing Lottery games during their work hours.

Be sure that all employees are aware that purchasers of Lottery tickets must be 18 years or older.

Manage your Lottery product inventory.

Upon receiving a shipment of Colorado Lottery Scratch tickets, immediately "deliver" them into the system using your Lottery terminal.

Keep all non-activated packs in a secure location, preferably in a safe, and limit employee access to them.

If you use a countertop Scratch ticket dispenser, lock it after inventory replenishment.

If you're not open 24-hours a day, secure the dispenser in a locked area before closing your shop doors.

Maintain an accurate record of your activated tickets. Identify the Scratch tickets in your dispensers by game, pack number, and last ticket number. Do this after each shift, or at a minimum, at least once a day at a specific time.

Be alert for fraud!

Compare your end-of-day Lottery sales report with your cash drawer receipts.

If you see an abnormal spike in sales (either from Jackpot games or Scratch tickets), it could indicate that tickets were taken and were not paid for.

Look for individual or loose tickets for sale. You are required to sell all Scratch tickets in ticket order. Loose tickets may indicate an attempt to defraud tickets.

Take customer complaints seriously concerning possible theft/fraud involving any of your employees.

Employees are responsible for a significant amount of the Lottery's stolen ticket claims.

The following represent indications that fraudulent activities may be occurring:

Scratch tickets are removed from the back of the pack of tickets.

Scratch tickets are removed from the middle of the pack.

In an attempt to reveal the 3-digit validation code, there is a light "scratch-off" area in the coating of the Scratch ticket play area. If the code is identified, the thieves will cash the winning tickets for themselves, and sell only the non-winning tickets to unsuspecting customers.

An entire pack of tickets is missing. The thief may have activated a pack of tickets and then play the tickets themselves instead of putting them in the Scratch ticket dispenser.

Safety first!

Train your empolyees to think about safety. In the event of a crime, fire or other emergency, each employee needs to be observant and aware of their surroundings. Maintain good interior and exterior lighting, even after business hours.

Clear the entryways and exitways from shrubs, debris or other objects that obstruct the view of where criminals could potentially hide.

Maintain good visibility through store front windows.

Invest in a surveillance system. A surveillance system will easily pay for itself by helping to prevent employee theft and assist in catching suspects. Be sure system controls and disks are secured, and store disks for a minimum of one month. Maintain a rigid surveillance schedule and record to ensure maximum coverage 24-hours a day. Review your surveillance disks periodically.

We Enforce Integrity

The Colorado Lottery Criminal Investigations Unit is dedicated to ensuring that Lottery business is conducted with integrity, ethics and efficiency. Investigators conduct stringent background checks on all retail applicants and only those who meet strict requirements become authorized retailers. Spot check investigations are rountinely conducted to make sure that retailers are adhering to established procedures for the sale of Lottery products. All fraudulent and deceptive practices claims are thoroughly investigated, and criminal charges are sought when warranted.